Hack 43

With a view of Vienna's vineyards

  • Address

    Hackenbergweg 43
    1190 Wien

  • Realization


  • Area

    ~ 2075 m2

In the heart of the green suburbs of Döbling, there is this residential complex with 16 family houses that combines simplicity and elegance
in architecture with thoughtful functional solutions, offering amenities ensuring luxury and comfort.

Each house, thanks to its well-thought-out design and privacy-providing features, redefines suburban living stand- ards. In addition to spacious interiors providing comfort and functionali- ty, each of the houses has been carefully tailored to the individual needs of the residents. Thanks to gardens and terraces, residents can enjoy private corners, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony with nature.


The northwest part of Vienna. Right next to it are vineyards and a small forest. The area is designated for allotment development, so residents can rest assured – no tall building will be constructed in the immediate vicinity to block the beautiful view.


The houses, with an average area of about 130 m2, have been individually designed. Each of them has its own garden, pool, terrace, preparation for an outdoor kitchen, and a sauna. We also took care of the interiors. We opted for light, delicate colors and natural finishes for elements. Panoramic glazing guarantees incredible views, and an electronic facade allows for adjusting the amount of light entering the interior. Additional shade on the terrace is provided by a sun sail.

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This was one of the most complex projects we have had the opportunity to implement. From designing the space for construction to coordinating with several subcontractors. In our work, we used BIM technology, which allowed us to maintain control over the terrain shaping and respond to potential collisions. Working without a 3D model on such a complicated plot seems almost impossible.

Detail work

The facade was made of Alucobond panels, arranged to achieve clean compositional divisions. The building has a characteristic rhythm in anthracite color. The shading elements are electrically controlled, so the structure can close or open to its surroundings.