Forward thinking.


Always considering next stages in the building process, anticipating requirements and consequences, but also taking care of the future inhabitants and the planet.

  • Newest tools.

    Using newest tools, ones that revolutionized the architectural industry. We are experienced in creating modular buildings and proficient in using new programs such as BIM.

  • Future of the building.

    We think about the future of the building in the times of climate change. We implement solar panels and water retention solutions where possible. We build in accordance with ÖGN principles.

  • Future inhabitants.

    We take care of future inhabitants. Best at rational and efficient ways of treating spaces. We design apartments with smart floor plans. That is minimal loss in transition spaces which means more living square meters for you, and plenty of natural light.

  • Trustworthy and flexible.

    What makes us trustworthy and flexible, is our experience. We have been operating in the Austrian market for many years. Our portfolio includes a multitude of projects, both in Vienna and smaller towns, buildings settled in historical areas as well as those surrounded by nature. We know how to adjust, fitting together all factors: function, form, context, urban planning, nature, law and business plan.

  • Influence on surroundings.

    As architects we have a great deal of influence on surroundings. So we think about it holistically. Not forgetting about functional and aesthetic design as well as the later life of the building. Love taking care of bicycle racks or garbage bins. We’re also familiar with spacious gardens for inhabitants, common areas, playgrounds or outdoor seating.

  • Being mindful of investors.

    Being mindful of investors, we guarantee a carefully thought out, smooth process that is understandable to all parties and provides them with a sense of security. Our implementations remain faithful to the initial concepts – from draft through detail project to supervision and functioning building. Our team turns specifics of local plans and project challenges into advantages and smart solutions. We emphasize understanding the unique demands, and our work combines the aesthetic vision with a critical approach to functionality.

Harmonious cooperation and coordinated communication. We are a well-integrated and mutually complementary community.

  • Peter Steininger

  • Markus Neumayer

  • Magdalena Paluch

  • Małgorzata Ciurej

  • Jakub Ficoń

  • Konrad Piwowar

  • Anna Korytkowska-Hatala

  • Jesús Ramírez Fernández

  • Joanna Wróbel

  • Gabriela Kromka

  • Ewa Darłak

  • Janine Jakubik

Our team consists of international specialists. In our office, there is a proper balance between dynamics and stability. On one hand fresh ideas, new projects, and challenges, and on the other experience and thorough knowledge. We enjoy common challenges and are eager to share tips.


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