Alga 32

Apartments open to a quiet neighbourhood

  • Address

    Albrechtskreithgasse 32
    1160 Wien

  • Realization


  • Area

    ~ 3038 m2

We endeavored to ensure that each apartment received additional outdoor space, thus gardens are found on the lower levels, boxes on the middle floors, and the top features terraces with beautiful views of the park and Vienna's panorama.

The loose composition of the boxes adds lightness and organicity, underscored by the latticed balustrades. The organic feel is enriched by a yellow color accent. This accent also helped us in building intuition and memorability of the building within its surroundings; the corner serves as a landmark in the city.

District 16, Ottakring, is one of Vienna's quieter districts. It benefits from a good connection to the city center. Nearby, Stöberpark is ideal for walks, boasting abundant greenery, fresh air, and tranquility. For hiking enthusiasts, the district's forests provide a perfect setting. Ottakring not only offers natural beauty but also features historical monuments and cultural attractions, making it a notable destination for any tourist.


Alga consists of 67 functional apartments, varied in size from 30 to 100 m2. Compact space with the largest possible square footage for living. We did everything to minimize losses on communication routes. Thanks to large windows, there is plenty of light inside.



1. Obergeschoss

2. Obergeschoss

3. Obergeschoss

4. Obergeschoss

1. Dachgeschoss

2. Dachgeschoss

We initially developed a 3D model for Alga, demonstrating our commitment to forward-thinking and innovative design. This digital model, a precise replica of the intended building in Vienna, showcases our ability to integrate technology seamlessly into architectural visualization. On our computers, Alga looks identical to how it now stands in Vienna. This method not only enhances our design and planning capabilities but also provides a way to preserve and showcase architectural projects in a digital format before they are built.

The project boasts over 60 diverse apartments, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of individuals, couples, and families, ensuring a comfortable living experience for residents of all backgrounds.

  • 7

    1-room apartment

  • 43

    2-room apartment

  • 17

    3-room apartment

  • 2

    4-room apartment

Among many shades of yellow, we chose RAL 1012 Lemon Yellow. We introduced this color in the boxes on the facade as well as in wayfinding. This approach allowed us to maintain coherence and a friendly character of the building.

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