Linz 361

  • Address

    Linzerstrasse 361/363

  • Realization


  • Area

    ~ 6000 m2

We have created 6,000 m2 of residential space, ensuring room for a diverse clientele. Potential customers can choose from a range of apartments from 30 m2 to over 100 m2 in the main building, as well as townhouses that guarantee peace while providing all the benefits of city living.

On the façade, we introduced greenery that perfectly complements the existing, preserved front elevation. Delicate vines and climbing plants give the building’s form a sense of lightness.


The property, located in the 14th district, ensures proximity to green spaces while also allowing residents excellent connectivity to the city center. The closeness to the Hütteldorf station, bus stops, and tram stops provides residents of the development with various options for convenient public transportation.


The significant slope on the site has been utilized to create terraced construction, which allows for green spaces between the houses. This space provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, enabling residents to relax on their own terrace and in their garden.


We have meticulously planned the layout of the houses to ensure the comfort of the residents. Even in the smallest available homes, we have created a comfortable living area and a night zone. Moreover, we made sure that each house is equipped with as much additional space as possible. The rooftop terrace has been arranged as a comfortable relaxation area.

Homes in the last row have the largest gardens. The indoor living area seamlessly transitions into the outdoor area, providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment.

Detail work

Referring to the greenery that appears from the front facade in the project, we designed identification for the subsequent floors of the building, creating a friendly environment for the residents right from the entrance. The clear signage ensures that navigating the building is effortless for both residents and visitors, such as couriers and delivery personnel. We chose RAL 100 80 60 as the dominant color.